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Building a Brand Story

3 reasons why brand story marketing works:

Building a brand story is one of the most important things that you can do to attract and retain customers. Most companies make their website and marketing all about them, with claims of being the #1 company or the best in the industry. The problem with that is that all of your competitors are making the same claims. In order to set yourself apart, you need to create a customer-centric brand story that appeals to your customers’ needs.

Your business needs to stand out from the competition

A website user’s attention span lies somewhere around eight seconds. You only have a few moments to get your user’s attention before they move on to the next website or story. So, this is why creating a brand story is an effective way to market your business.

It’s not enough to present your products or services. You need to figure out what sets you apart from your competitors so that you can position yourself as a leader in your field.

Every good story has a memorable opening line or a hook. What’s your hook? Figure that out and you’ll keep your user’s attention and motivate them to keep scrolling to see what you have to offer.

Your messaging should be clear and simple. Most websites are full of noise, distracting potential leads and customers from what really matters. What are you going to do to make their lives easier? What problem do you solve?

Building a brand story will set you apart from your competitors and make your brand more memorable.

Emotion drives purchase more than logic – Brand Stories create emotional connections

Appeal to your audience’s emotions and create a narrative that they can connect with. Instead of focusing on what your company does best, focus on what solutions you can offer your clients.

When crafting your messaging, think about what your audience truly needs from you (in addition to a product or service).

Apple does this really well by encouraging its audience to think differently and be bold and brave. Sure, they’re trying to sell their products, but they’re also selling an experience. This is a brand story example that connects with their audience, making Apple one of the largest technology companies in the world.

By connecting with your audience on an emotional level, you can convey the ideas and values that you offer. So, if you turn your brand into an experience, you will connect with your audience and that’s what will turn them into customers.

Consumers choose products that provide them with a positive experience, from customer service to marketing and branding. If your audience knows and trusts you, they will become repeat customers as well as recommend your services and products to friends and family.

Brand stories create an impact

Brand stories are important because they create connection and impact. Humanize your brand through storytelling. People relate to stories. They read books and watch movies. Commercials from major brands always tell a story. Stories are how we connect emotionally to other people.

A memorable brand story is what people need to feel connected to your business, have a lasting positive impression of who you are and what you stand for, and become loyal clients.

When your audience connects with you through your brand story, they will buy a product or service from you before they buy from a competitor.

Your brand story matters and should be the focus of your marketing.

Connect with us to create a memorable brand story that sells.

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